S1: SkyLifter Project Overview

SkyLifter project is like a puzzle!

It provides me the opportunity to learn and practice NFV, SDN, network automation, network design, network scripting, etc.

It is a personal technical project that I built for educational purposes. It represents my working and testing laboratory. I will upgrade this page on the way of my tech game.


Software on top of MacBook Pro
  • MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • VMWare Fusion 10.0.1 Pro
  • SecureCRT 8.1.3
  • Eclipse 4.6.3
  • Python 2.7.13 – PyEZ, JSNAPy
  • Git & GitHub
Software on top of VMs
  • vMX VM:
    • Ubuntu 14.4.1 LTS
    • Juniper vMX – vmx-15.1F4-3.tgz
  • vSRX VM:
    • Juniper vSRX – vSRX-12.1X47-D10.4-domestic.ova
  • IOS XRv VM:
    • Cisco IOS XRv – iosxrv-k9-demo-5.1.3.vmdk

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