Virtual Network Lab on MacBook

This article shows you what are the networks, the IP settings and the connections of the virtual elements.

Networks Summary

Network Connected Device Device Port Info DHCP/IP NAT Services
vmnet0 MacBook en0, en1, en2, en3 Bridged networking From external router From external router vmnet-bridge and vmnet-netifup
vmnet1 MacBook vmnet1 Host-only networking From Fusion N/A vmnet-dhcpd
vmnet2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
vmnet3 MacBook vmnet3 OoB MNG Net N/A N/A
vMX – VCP fxp0
vMX – VFP em0
vMX – Ubuntu Server eth0
vSRX ge-0/0/0
XRv ge-0/0/0
vmnet4 vMX – Logical Systems ge-0/0/1 Intelink with VLANs N/A N/A
vMX – Ubuntu Server
XRv-n, n=[1,n] ge-0/0/1
vmnet5 vMX – Logical Systems ge-0/0/2 Intelink with VLANs N/A N/A
vMX – Ubuntu Server
vSRX-n, n=[1,n] ge-0/0/1
vmnet6 XRv-n, n=[1,n] Intelink with/without VLANs N/A N/A
XRv-n, n=[1,n]
vmnet7 vSRX-n, n=[1,n] Intelink with/without VLANs N/A N/A
XRv-n, n=[1,n]
vmnet8 MacBook vmnet8 Network Address Translation (NAT) networking – Share with my Mac From Fusion From Fusion vmnet-natd
Windows 10 vmnet-dhcpd
puppet VM vmnet-netifup

Note: IP settings for vmnet4 to vmnet7 will vary based on the project.

Create vmnet into VMWare Fusion 10.0.1 Pro

Open Fusion Application then go to Preferences… > Network tab. Click on [+] sign and create all needed interfaces.

For vmnet3 you have to check Connect the host Mac on this network. For all other networks, you have to make sure all options are unchecked.

Out of Band Management Network

OoB MNG network is built on vmnet3 as shown in the diagram.

OoB MNG Network Diagram


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