2020.03.11 – Juniper vSRX’s Does not Supports Layer 2 Ethernet Switching

Note in date 2020.03.25:

  • I found out that vSRX does not support Layer 2 Ethernet Switch but support Layer 2 Bridging
  • For my lab I still need Later 2 Ethernet Switch ….

For information about configuring transparent mode for vSRX, see Layer 2 Bridging and Transparent Mode.

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I wanted to make a lab about Layer 2 Ethernet Switching. The details of the lab was based on Juniper EX devices.

Searching Juniper Virtual EX (vEX) devices, I have found out that it does’n exist. If I want to make lab about Layer 2 Ethernet Switching I can use Juniper SRX, Juniper EX or Juniper QFX products or I was thinking at virtual applications.

I though that in virtual vSRX is all available as in practicall SRX. So, I started working for my lab using, off-course, vSRX devices.

For my lab as in the picture below, for replace EX devices with vSRX devices I gave different names: vSRX-1.for.EX-1for ex-1 and vSRX-2.for.EX-2 for ex2


After configure both virtual devices, I have tried to ping from vSRX-1.for.EX-1 port ge-0/0/1 to vr11 port ge-0/0/2. Not working!

Searching internet ideas and possible problem I have found a major problem: Juniper vSRX’s Does not Support Layer 2 Ethernet Switching

Chapter about SRX Series Features Not Supported on vSRX