2020.03.25 – Configuring Layer 2 Switching on Juniper vMX

Nore: For vMX is available family bridge but not family ethernet-swithing. And I need very very very much to configuring using family ethernet-swithing.

Now I am preparing for a Juniper lab based on Switching configuration.

I have tried to install and use Juniper vQFX which is a Juniper Virtual Switch. I this moment it can be read into my blog that I can not make it work. If I will find a solution I will upgrade the article about vQFX.

I was informed on LinkedIn Link Application that MX can be installed with switching feature. I do not know if vMX is included in this feature. I have to try to install and check because on internet I d’not find any negative message.

I write this because I have found out that SRX have support for Switch installation but vSRX does not support switch behaviour.

I will use Juniper Networks Product Documentation to install switch into vMX. I dowloaded all info in a book format from here: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/information-products/pathway-pages/layer-2/layer-2-bridging-learning-forwarding.pdf

Also I will use this guide to configure and monitor Layer 2 features: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/information-products/pathway-pages/layer-2/layer2-multicast.html

  • Difference between family bridge and ethernet-switching

I have maybe a problem because I can not configure family ethernet-swithing command as required in specification for EX lab.

I have found this here:

On the SRX:
-> family bridge means:transparent mode, after rebooting , various security features can still be used.
-> family ethernet-swithing  means: a normal switch,just like EX -> series,none of secuity feature can be applied.

But on the MX (vMX for me) does not exist family ethernet-switch. So, I have to take care to do all is specify into the lab base of family bridge supported by vMX …

  • I found out that vSRX support Layer 2 Bridges

For information about configuring transparent mode for vSRX, see Layer 2 Bridging and Transparent Mode Overview.

I decided again to focus maxim to install vQFX ….