2020.05.2 – Connecting EVE Lab to a physical device

Some help ideas are in EVE professional Cookbook.

A virtual lab that include CentOS is configured in EVE-PRO. The EVE-PRO is configure in VMWare Fusion. VMware Fusion is in MacBook PRO. The idea is to connect virtual CentOS to internet.

Open VMware Fusion > Click on EVE-PRO virtual machine > Click on Settings…

Create, or select if already created, 3 Network Adapter:

  • Network Adapter > Connect to vSphere network
  • Network Adapter 2 > Connect to vSphere network
  • Network Adapter 3 > Connect to vSphere network

Into EVE-PRO lab create a new Network type Cloud1 and connect to CentOS. Do not forget to configure the correct IP in CentOS. Details of how I done it are here: 2020.04.30 – CentOS installation into EVE-NG.

The Internet is working now

I am happy!!!