2020.06.28 – Junos Space Basic Configuration

This page is about basic configuration of jSpace installed in ENE-PRO or VMware Fusion.

You will be asked to enter user and password which are admin and abc123 respectively also for UNIX password.

Once you entered these, you will be asked to change the password. Choose your new password according to the local instructions. Otherwise you may fail to set a proper password.

[sudo] password for admin: the_configured_password

Press enter and continue

Choose the type of node to be installed [S/F] S
Configuring Eth0:

1) Configure UPv4
2) Configure Both IPv4 and IPv6

R) Redraw Menu 

Click 1 and continue

Choice [1-2,R]: 1
Please enter new IPv4 address for interface eth0
Please enter new IPv4 subnet mask for interface eth0

Enter the default IPv4 gateway as a dotted-decimal IP address:

Please type the IPv4 nameservicer address in dotted decimal notation:

Configure a separate interface for device management? [y/N] n

Will this Junos Space system be added to an existing cluster? [y/N] n

Web GUI configuration

Configuring IP address for web GUI:

1) Configure IPv4

R) Redraw Menu

Chose [1,R]: 1

Please enter IPv4 Address for web GUI:

Do you want to enable NAT service? [y/N] n

Add NTP Server? [y/N] y

Please type the new NTP server:

Please enter display name for this node: space2

Enter password for cluster maintenance mode: mine_password
Re-enter password: mine_password


A> Apply settings


Chose [ACQR]: A

Note: For Please type the new NTP server: you can use also default IPv4 gateway:

Here is an image but all to do list is up

Now you can connect to the box via SSH at its ip

7) (Debug) run shell

Chose [1-7,AQR]: 7

[sudo] password for admin:
[root@space-000c29cb6706 ~]# ip -4 addr 
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> meu 655536 disc no queue state UNKNOWN
  inet scope host lo 
2: eth0: <BROUDCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP qlen 1000 
  inet brd scope global eth0 <---Primary IP 
  inet brd scope global secondary eth0:0 <---Secondary GUI IP Address

Now it is time to login to the web UI using Firefox from inside CentOS or Docker. Docker is inside EVE-PRO lab.

Note: If connect to correct internet and configure with current ip, jSpace can be open also with Firefox from MacBook Pro.

  • Username: super
  • Password juniper123