2020.04.24 – Install Firewall pfSense Virtual on VMWare Fusion

A big part of solution I take from here: Pfsense: How to install Firewall Pfsense Virtual on VMWare

Other part from my blog 2020.04.1 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 2: Deploy and Configure a pfSense VM


This article is about creating a virtual machine firewall pfSense on VMWare Fusion virtualisation environment.

PfSense is Firewall open source, free for everyone. PfSense acts a firewall device and has full routing functionality as a high-end device

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2020.04.23 – Juniper vRR installation into EVE-PRO

Inspiration in EVE guid: https://www.eve-ng.net/index.php/documentation/howtos/howto-add-juniper-vrr/ where it is made with version 17.4R1.16.

  • Note: I have installed three times.
    • Firs time with vRR 19.2R1.8 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.2R1.8.tar) – workilg OK!
    • second time with vRR 20.1R1.11 (vrr-bundle-kvm-20.1R1.11.tar) – not work!
    • third time with vRR 19.4R1.10 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.4R1.10.tar) – working OK!

The blog is about third installation exactly as the first installation.

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2020.03.31 – Using vim command in Terminal in MacBook Pro

How edit files into vim:

-> ls and press Enter to list the contents of a particular directory 
-> cd .. or cd filename(s) and press Enter to change to another directory (as in DOS) 
-> sudo - to authenticate yourself a superuser to gain extra security privileges 
-> vim filename to open a file in vim 
-> i key to start editing the file 
-> press Esc key then type :w and hit Enter key to save a file in Vim 
-> press Esc key then type :x and hit Enter key to save a file and quit Vim  
-> pressing the Esc key (pressing the Esc key again does nothing if you’re already in command mode) 
-> :wq and press Enter to write the file to disk and quit vim  
-> :w and press Enter to write the file to disk without quitting  
-> :q and press Enter to quit vim without saving the file 
-> :q! and presa Enter to exit a file opened with read-only


sudo vim /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking

I will update when I need and lear different things about vim.

2020.03.27 – Enterprise- & Service Provider-Style Bridging on a sigle Juniper vMX


I am doing the lab from a blog that it was recommended by a person into LinkedIn internal Messaging communication. I do here!

Equipment and installations I used for this project::

  • MacBook Pro  (15-inch, 2016) with macOS Catalina version 10.15.3
  • VMware Fusion PRO Version 11.5.3
  • VMware ESXi 6.7
  • Juniper vMX 18.1R3.3 for ESXi

The starting point that inspire me is here: https://networkingpills.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/enterprise-service-provider-style-bridging-on-juniper-mx/

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