2020.04.23 – Juniper vRR installation into EVE-PRO

Inspiration in EVE guid: https://www.eve-ng.net/index.php/documentation/howtos/howto-add-juniper-vrr/ where it is made with version 17.4R1.16.

  • Note: I have installed three times.
    • Firs time with vRR 19.2R1.8 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.2R1.8.tar) – workilg OK!
    • second time with vRR 20.1R1.11 (vrr-bundle-kvm-20.1R1.11.tar) – not work!
    • third time with vRR 19.4R1.10 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.4R1.10.tar) – working OK!

The blog is about third installation exactly as the first installation.

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2020.04.18 – Install EVE-NG: THE Network Emulator!

What I found and I use as help to download and install EVE-NG is from here: https://thenetworkberg.com/eve-ng-first-time-configuration/

Note: This article is for EVE-PRO in MacBook Pro in VMware!!

Need to have something similar:

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016):
    • macOS Catalina version 10.15.3
    • Processor 2,9 GHs Quad-Core Intel
    • Memory 16 GB 2133 MHsLPDDR3 (of RAM)
  • VMware Fusion 11.5.3 installed

EVE-NG Community Cookbook: https://www.eve-ng.net/index.php/documentation/community-cookbook/

Example photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gXuJeuVpzjZ2CLnw9

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2020.04.15 – Log in to vCenter Server by Using the vSphere Web Client


I need vSphere Web Client to use to install Juniper vQFX server. I do not find guid about this so I will use some ideas from Installing Juniper vMX inline guide. And this guide work on vSphere Web Client. I need to have all material to be prepare to understand that page.

Interesting Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iJqR3G7vrqaeXnob7

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2020.04.10 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 5: Create a Ubuntu iSCSI Target and Configure Multipathing – major problem and not finished

I will try to do Part 5 using These idea: I’d recommend using FreeNAS instead of Ubuntu. I’ve just done a test and managed to set up a FreeNAS VM with 2 GB of RAM and managed to create a volume and connect it to ESXi using iSCSI. 

Importanta photos need for understanding are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Zd3BCChctkx88MRr7

Before stating I need to get an answer about “What is Ubuntu iSCSI?”

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2020.04.7 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 3: Deploying vCenter Server Appliance

Note: I have tried to install to ESXi 6.7 minim 4 times but I had an error and I can not install. In this moment I do not know what are the difference benefits between vCerver inside Fusion > ESXi or vCenter inside Fusion but out of ESXi.

This will help me to run the VMware vCenter Server appliance on VMware Fusion so that I can test features like VSAN, VMotion and Storage VMotion on a Mac without server hardware.

For important Photos that help to understand this article, click here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xs8DvrbCFyPNsofL9

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