2017.11.20 – Full Clone XRv VM with Fusion PRO

For different labs we might need to duplicate VMs: more IOS XR virtual routers, more vSRX Firewalls, etc.

Here is the procedure needed to multiply IOS XRv VMs. The same procedure can be used for any VM we need to safe or multiply.

1. Full Clone XRv VM

1. Open VMWare Fusion UI > Right Click on existing IOS XRv VM > Create Full Clone

2. Rename the new created VM

3. Edit .vmx configuration file and modify the console port

serial0.fileName = "telnet://

Note: each cloned VM will have different generated MAC addresses.

4. Turn ON the cloned VM.

2. Problem

If I try to power ON too many VMs, I get the “Not Enough Memmory” error.

It is very important the order of the VM I turn ON and the hardware planification.