2017.11.18 – SecureCRT to XRv Serial Console

I like to use SecureCRT to connect to my devices in all situations. But there are some exceptions when the things are not so straght forward. 


  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • Fusion 10.0.1 PRO
  • SecureCRT 8.3.0

Problem: Use SecureCRT to connect to XRv Serial Console

I have installed a Cisco IOS router as described into my recent article Cisco IOS XRv on VMWare Fusion.

Now I would like to connect to the device using SecureCRT. I like tabbing feature and I would like to have all terminal sessions centralized.

1. First I try with macOS Terminal

I open a new Terminal window and type telnet localhost 9001.

 Murgescus-MacBook-Pro:~ silvia$ telnet localhost 9001
 Trying ::1...
 telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
 Connected to localhost.
 Escape character is '^]'.


Please login with any configured user/password, or cisco/cisco

User Access Verification

Username: silvia


It seems I can connect with no problems. Great! Now Let’s check it with SecureCRT.

2. Setup the session into SecureCRT

Go to New Session and the New Session Wizard opens.

Protocol: Telnet

Hostname: localhost
Port: 9001

Session Name: IOS XRv Console

3. Run the session: Connection Refused

Double Click on session:

Connection refused

4. Change localhost to

Double Click on session and I get nothing. No message, no error … it isn’t connecting.

5. Problem research

VMs works with named Pipe to provide console connectivity, and unfortunately SECURTCRT doesn’t support it. To do so, we need a Proxy , a Soft in th Middle to do the Mapping from Named Pipe to whatever SecureCRT can understand and connect to.
Source: http://www.noshutdown.ma/cisco-ios-xrv-securecrt/

Here is a solution for Windows that does not help me: http://shvechkov.tripod.com/nptp.html

Further research did not help me. But all I need is to open all terminal into SecureCRT!!!

Solution: SecureCRT with Local Shell and Logon Actions

Go to New Session and the New Session Wizard opens.

Protocol: Local Shell

Session Name: IOS XRv Console

Go on Session Manager and Righ-Click on IOS XRv Console session name > Properties > Connection > Logon Action.

  • Check Automate logon box
  • Delete the two default entries
  • Add.. new entrie:
    • Expect: Murgescus-MacBook-Pro:~ silvia$  <<– I have used macOS Terminal prompt
    • Send: telnet 9001  <<– command to type automaticaly
  • [OK]

Double Click on session name and ready to work!