To Do


Idea 1: About playing, learning and exam using Juniper Networks


–> Learning into Juniper Network Courses and Labs

Based on my exams objectives I will play, learn and do labs base on Juniper Recommendation Training:

–> Juniper Networks Exams

I would like to focus on Juniper Networks Certification. Below is a list with Juniper exams and I have put out what license I already have.

JNCIS-SP and JNCIP-SP will expire on 10 Feb 2021, and I will focus to learn and practice labs and go for these exams again.

Here are some certifications that disappears and are not available!

–> Exams simulation and preparation


Idea 2: VMware Fusion and ESXi


All I want to do is present on Internet, in blog and is about Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion.

All parts the series I would like to use:

I have learned a lot. I have to and i want to redo all before continua with Part 6.


Idea 3: Other ideas:

  • Add pictures in Photos – Google and delete and increase space for blog capacity.
    • Done but
    • Replace photos from all article in blog.
    • Create an Application Xcode to help me with photos in blog – Grammarly app included in Safari
  • Search what is and how can be used:
    • Alkaline Battery AA – well – Performance-
  • VMs in VMware Fusion installation (no in ESXi or other VMs) – Juniper VMs or VMs needed for Juniper VMs: