2020.05.3 – Install Junos Space on VMware Fusion in VMware ESXi


  • This tutorial can be used also for installation inside EVE-PRO.
  • Make sure to use IP/Network with Internet Connection. Mandatory!

Device and Applications:

  • MacBook PRO 15-inch, 16 GB Memory, 2.9 GHz Processor
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.4
  • VMware Fusion 11.5.3
  • VMware ESXi 6.7

Details from reading and learning installation here:

Download Junos Space files

I this moment the last versions:

  • The ova image: space-19.4R1.3.ova
  • The security director: Security-Director-19.4R1.53.img


You can deploy the Junos Space Virtual Appliance *.ova file on a VMware ESXi server version 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5. Basic I have ESXi 6.7 but into installation step maybe I can modify to 6.0.

After the Junos Space Virtual Appliance is deployed, you can use the VMware vSphere client or Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to connect to the VMware ESXi server and configure the Junos Space Virtual Appliance.

The minimum hardware requirements for deploying a Junos Space Virtual Appliance are as follows: 

Installing a Junos Space Virtual Appliance on a VMware ESXi Server

Login ESXi, mine name is esxi00. Go to Virtual Machine > Create/Register VM and click Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file. Then Next

Enter a name as jSpace-1-20.1R1.2. I needed an other version to install and I use the name jSpace-2-19.4R1.3. Find in MacBook and chose space-19.4R1.3.ova file. Click Next

Chose the datastore where jSpace will be installed

  • Note: I have install a new ESXi VM into VMware Fusion with
    • Datastore name: datastre1
    • Capacity: 532 GB
    • Free: 504 GB (as I install CentOS firs)
    • Type: VMFS6

Please untag the Power on Automatically and you will si way … Click Next

Verify that all is correctly and click Finish

Failed to Power On. I mine case some modification have to be done before powering on.

Down in Recent Tasks you will see and wot to finish to complete. After finished go further.

Go to Virtual Machine > jSpace-1-20.1R1.2. This si default

Virtual Machine > jSpace-2-19.4T1.3

Click Edit