2020.05.7 – Problem and solution for increasing the size of a ESXi virtual disk

Problem: Increase the size of a ESXi Virtual Disk

I wasn’t able to find a solution and mad it work!

Thing an other solution:

Step 1. Migrate a Virtual Machine to New Storage in the vSphere Web Client

Procedure on vCenter:

  1. Right-click the virtual machine from ESXI00.datastore.1 and select Migrate
  2. Click Change storage only and click Next
  3. Select the format for the virtual machine’s disks
    1. Same format as source
  4. Select a virtual machine storage policy from the VM Storage Policy drop-down menu: ESXi00.datastore.2
  5. On the Ready to complete page, review the details and click Finish.

Step 2. Remove a Virtual Hard Disk from a Virtual Machine

Now imposible to power on!

The solution is to install a new ESXi and all VM that I’ve lost!