2020.06.18 – FileZilla Pro – Solution: You do have permission to list this directory

How to copy a file from MacBook Pro to EVE-PRO?

Using FileZilla:

  • meaning FileZilla Pro
  • in MacBook Pro
  • to insert files in EVE-PRO

Open MacBook Pro. Open FileZilla application and connect to EVE-PRO using the EVE-PRO IP address.

You do have permission to list this directory


1.. Go to Edit > Directory access permissions…

2.. Click Add directory… and chose the directory from you MacBook Pro

3.. The directory you have chose is available to chose the applications from MacBook Pro and copy to EVE-PRO.

A new discovery

In FileZilla is possible some nice things. For example right click in open location and see that new directory can be created or renames…. for example.


I am happy!