2021.06.21 – Voice Message in Message Apps

I use differ Message Apps in iPhone and MacBook Pro: WhatsApp, Skype and FaceBook.


1.1. Create and Send voice Messages
How to send voice messages?

1.2. Listening faster the received Voice Message
Fast Playback for voice messages?

2. Skype app similar to WhahApp
3. Facebook Messager similar to WhatApp

2020.04.24 – Install Firewall pfSense Virtual on VMWare Fusion

A big part of solution I take from here: Pfsense: How to install Firewall Pfsense Virtual on VMWare

Phots for practice are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wWtMoRRcuJjTuoxM9

Other part from my blog 2020.04.1 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 2: Deploy and Configure a pfSense VM


This article is about creating a virtual machine firewall pfSense on VMWare Fusion virtualisation environment.

PfSense is Firewall open source, free for everyone. PfSense acts a firewall device and has full routing functionality as a high-end device

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2020.04.23 – Juniper vRR installation into EVE-PRO

Inspiration in EVE guid: https://www.eve-ng.net/index.php/documentation/howtos/howto-add-juniper-vrr/ where it is made with version 17.4R1.16.

  • Note: I have installed three times.
    • Firs time with vRR 19.2R1.8 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.2R1.8.tar) – workilg OK!
    • second time with vRR 20.1R1.11 (vrr-bundle-kvm-20.1R1.11.tar) – not work!
    • third time with vRR 19.4R1.10 (vrr-bundle-kvm-19.4R1.10.tar) – working OK!

The blog is about third installation exactly as the first installation.

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2020.04.22 – Juniper vQFX installation into EVE-PRO

Inspiration in EVE guid: https://www.eve-ng.net/index.php/documentation/howtos/howto-add-juniper-vqfx/

Note in 2021.05.14: I used vQFX in my labs and I had many problems. PING does not work! At the version 20.2 also does not work ping. Now I install and try to use vQFX 20.3. I will come back here to say my result!!

Note in 2021.05.16: I tried all vQFX versions that I find to download from Juniper. No one work for me. Support EVE-PRO helped me with a vQFX 18.4 and was OK to ping between 2 different vQFX switches.

vQFX 18.4 contains different applications .qcow2 or .qcow or .img to download from Juniper. I used 2 Application Media 18.4R2-S2 but maybe EVE-PRO helped me with application, one or both, from Application Package.

To find a version it works, you have to try many possibility!!

Original article

Step 1

Use your Juniper access for login and download images.

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2020.03.31 – Using vim command in Terminal in MacBook Pro

How edit files into vim:

  • -> ls and press Enter to list the contents of a particular directory
  • -> cd .. or cd filename(s) and press Enter to change to another directory (as in DOS)
  • -> sudo – to authenticate yourself a superuser to gain extra security privileges
  • -> vim filename to open a file in vim
  • -> i key to start editing the file
  • -> press Esc key then type :w and hit Enter key to save a file in Vim
  • -> press Esc key then type 😡 and hit Enter key to save a file and quit Vim
  • -> pressing the Esc key (pressing the Esc key again does nothing if you’re already in command mode)
  • -> :wq and press Enter to write the file to disk and quit vim
  • -> :w and press Enter to write the file to disk without quitting
  • -> :q and press Enter to quit vim without saving the file
  • -> :q! and presa Enter to exit a file opened with read-only


sudo vim /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking

I will update when I need and lear different things about vim.

2020.03.27 – Enterprise- & Service Provider-Style Bridging on a sigle Juniper vMX


I am doing the lab from a blog that it was recommended by a person into LinkedIn internal Messaging communication. I do here!

Equipment and installations I used for this project::

  • MacBook Pro  (15-inch, 2016) with macOS Catalina version 10.15.3
  • VMware Fusion PRO Version 11.5.3
  • VMware ESXi 6.7
  • Juniper vMX 18.1R3.3 for ESXi

The starting point that inspire me is here: https://networkingpills.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/enterprise-service-provider-style-bridging-on-juniper-mx/

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2020.03.26 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 0: Starting a Technical Project

I will public a few pages step-by-step how I work to build a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion.

All Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8mZmnAGTjN8j3M1p8


I read a blog and I plan to apply all info and steps. I will publish all I do!

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