2021.02.7 – Adding ESXi Hosts to a Cluster in vCenter Server

My application photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D8geSqKgmaqULPpS6

  • I use because I need to delete full 2 VMs from ESXi. In mine photos are included the delete …
  • I do not knpw how to delete full directly in ESXi. And I also is a reason to learn vCenter.

Good luck!

2020.05.5 – Problem and Solution for License when Include ESXi into vSphere


  • There are 6 license for 6 ESXi and 2 license for vCenter
  • Maximum 3 ESXi can be included into vCenter
    • Introducing into vCenter the ESXi I power on and use in that moment and need vCenter help for configuration

The License show Usage 4 CPUs and Capacity 6 CPUs

VM ESXi esxi00.silvique.ro has Evaluation License

When open Assign License show it is possible because the Usage 4 CPUs and Capacity 6 CPUs

Choose ESXi Licensing. Then the Usage change to 8 CPUs and impossible to click OK

Important information:

The License is based on 6 CPUs capacity NOT on 6 ESXi VM.

If you use ESXi’s with 2 CPUs then you can do this using maximum of 3 ESXi’s meaning a total of 6 CPUs capacity for the license. If you want to use ESXi with 4 CPUs, then a licence accepts only one ESXi with 2 CPUs.

Now it is more clear for me!